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    Después del gran sabor de boca que nos dejó a todos la estupenda serie Breaking Bad, ahí van…

    …10 grandes fotogramas representativos del genial trabajo de cinematografía que pudimos ver en cada capítulo.

    Porque una serie/película no es solo una historia y unos actores, muchas más cosas entran en juego para conseguir una inmersión total en la historia. Pocas series han aunado tan bien tantas virtudes.

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    Metal Gear Solid 3 Posters - Created by Colin Tan

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    Universos paralelos

    Parallel universes

    By Awkward Zombie

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    Mind-Boggling Food Realizations [distractify]

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    1. What they say to kids who want pets: Are you sure you're not just saying you want one because all your friends have one? Remember, it's not going to be small and cute forever, it will grow up eventually! It's a living being that will depend entirely on you for the rest of its life. Are you really sure you're ready for this?
    2. What they say to adults who DON'T want kids: Oh, you'll want one sooner or later. Everybody does, after all. Besides, babies are soooo cute, aren't they? You'd better hurry up before you get too old!
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    this is hands down the wildest post on this entire site

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    Más jodido que surfista en Bolivia.

    Translation: More fucked than a surfer in Bolivia, meaning you’re really screwed. (ahem, Bolivia has no coastline)

    Example: First Caleb got fired, then he found out his girlfriend was kicking him out—he’s more fucked than a surfer in Bolivia.

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    'Cuando un niño blanco provoca un tiroteo en el colegio el mismo día que pensabas reventarlo con una bomba'

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